About the Artist

artist photo Since the 1980s I have been painting landscapes of Oakland, often from vistas looking out to the Bay or from our East Bay regional parks. I am fortunate to live in an urban environment where my everyday drive to work provides glimpses of fog rolling in from the bay or sun pouring over hilltops and trees. It is this interplay of hills and valleys, early morning cloudiness and sunlight that inspires me to paint a scene. Light streaming through the trees and reflecting on the water of Lake Temescal, Joaquin Miller, and Redwood Parks provide inspiration for many of my landscapes.

Roads and paths are prominent in many of my paintings. They provide a vertical entry into the horizontal landscape, but they also signify how I spend much of my time -- traveling to and from a destination. They also provide some mystery in not knowing, but imagining, what is around a corner.

In addition to landscapes, I love painting portraits of people and animals. My aim is to capture the essence of my subject’s beauty, personality and soul, whether it is a mother and daughter, a beloved grand baby or a mischievous puppy.

I paint primarily with acrylic paint on canvas, applying the paint thinly in multiple layers to achieve color that has range and depth. I begin with a snap shot or quick sketch and refine the painting over many sessions in my studio.  

Artist  phone 510-418-3670 and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Art Show CruFit Gallery
Oakland, Calif
June - Aug 2017

Fragility of Place: Paintings by Six Women
Firehouse Gallery Berkeley
April 1 - 30 2017

Pet Portraits Show, Jao Jou Studio Salon
September through November 2015

Michael Dee Cookinham Art Show
Merritt College
2010 - 2015

Art Show at Nelly’s, Oakland California
Oakland Landscapes
February 2010